4 Reasons Why Today is the Right Time to Buy a Home

These days, much of life revolves around the home–work, hobbies, and loved ones. 

The value of a home has never been greater and the desire of owning one that is comfortable and safe no matter the situation is of great importance. 

Here are four reasons why today is the right time to buy a home: 

You Get Peace of Mind

Because of the pandemic, the government has always been reminding people to ‘Stay home. Stay safe’. Not only should a home be safe from the pandemic but from other emergencies and calamities as well, such as fires and earthquakes. The property a home seeker should look for must be able to provide utmost safety and security.

Cebu Landmasters Inc. was quick to implement safety measures on all their properties as soon as the pandemic reached the country. Its own property management, CLIPM, sees to it that strict precautionary measures are in place. They have stationed hand sanitizers in reception areas and other shared facilities, ensured the wearing of protective equipment, released health bulletins and social distancing reminders, implemented temperature checks in entrances, and doubled their efforts in the cleaning and sanitation of the whole property.

Aside from the COVID-19 sanitation measures, CLI prioritizes other safety protocols, specifically concerning fire and earthquake disasters. The properties are compliant with building codes, equipped with smoke detectors, fire sprinklers and extinguishers, and emergency exits.

All these contribute to reassuring residents, giving them the peace of mind their home is truly a safe haven. 

You Enjoy Social Spaces Despite Social Distancing 

One of the greatest challenges in coping with lockdowns is isolation. The people today are social beings. With no mall, park, or coffee shop to go to, it’s easy to slide into feelings of loneliness cooped up at home. There are communities, however, that offer vast social spaces offering different activities such as brisk walking, jogging, and other physical activities but still practice social distancing without ever leaving the subdivision or condo building.

Cebu Landmasters, for one, has open, green spaces and leisure amenities. One of its projects, One Paragon Place, the residential component of The Paragon Davao located in McArthur Highway, Matina, features a sky deck and an open lounge. 

Meanwhile, Mivela Garden Residences, a development in Banilad, is planned to have a multi-level clubhouse with lap pool, zen garden, and outdoor lounges. These leisure amenities allow residents to relax, while still keeping themselves from possible infections outside.

You Get an Asset That Continues to Appreciate

Real estate is a smart and reliable investment. This will give better returns than keeping savings in the bank. When you do decide to sell your property in the future, you can generate a good profit out of it.

Take, for example, a 20-sqm studio unit at Mivela Garden Residences. When it was first launched back in September 2019, it was sold at two million. After eight months, it’s now priced at three million, a huge increase, considering the short span. Mivela Garden Residences in Banilad Cebu is one of CLI’s best-selling Garden Series.

Housing Payment Terms are more Affordable Today

Because of the pandemic, many developers today have more flexible and affordable payment terms.

In Cebu Landmasters, they are now offering more flexible payment terms, stretching the equity period to make it lighter for the pockets of homebuyers via their CLI Home Goals Promo.

Casa Mira Towers Mandaue, the 8th development of CLI’s flagship housing community Casa Mira, promotes 42 months of stretched equity. The studio unit now costs only 4,800 per month, while the one-bedroom unit is priced at 9,900 per month.

lifted from Lamudi article, original is here: https://www.lamudi.com.ph/journal/buy-home-pandemic/

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