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shizuka mountain resort villas compostela


Shizuka Mountain Resort Villas Compostela – Where Majesty and Wellness Meet!

This Mountain Resort project targets local and international investors who are looking for high-yielding real estate investments, with good incremental property value (capital gain), low capital outlay, and well-managed real estate assets that will be operated as a resort hotel by an expert hotel operator.

Cebu has already transformed into a premier city strategically located in the central part of the Philippine archipelago. Its number of tourist arrivals has drastically gone up given the completion of its Mactan Cebu International Airport Terminal 2 that increased passenger traffic from 4.5 million passengers per year to now running 12 million.

The government is now allocating some 60 billion pesos worth of projects in Cebu ranging from Mactan Cebu International Airport expansion to the 3rd Cebu Mactan Link Express bridge to Monorail Transit and Metro Cebu Expressway to name a few. Cebu is envisioned to be the next Hongkong in the world.

Shizuka Mountain Resort Villa is only 45 minutes to an hour away from the bustling Cebu City metropolis. With the completion of the Metro Cebu Expressway, access to this project will only take approximately 30 minutes. Once completed, this will be one of the first premier mountain resort hotels in the province, and you can be the owner of one of its private villas.


This upcoming five-hectare, 94-room resort boasts of several water formations that glide throughout the place.  Highlighting the property is a sixty-foot waterfall cascading amidst two pavilions situated just a few dozen feet from the resort entrance.  This show-stopper is targeted as a selfie hot spot since the gushing torrents are quite a sight to behold at any time of day or night.

shizuka compostela

You can enjoy a premium stay.  The vast of 5 hectares is accessible by cart.  The cart is just a call button away and available 24 hours day.


Exciting Amenities.  Private villa built on the slope, from the balcony, you can enjoy the panoramic view of lush green scenery from your wide windows. Spend your holiday like a celebrity in your own outdoor jacuzzi.

private villas with jacuzzi

Comfortable Amenities.  Rooms with a balcony overlooking the pool or the scenic mountain.  The spacious interior offers maximum ease and movement for the guests and is designed to create a luxurious atmosphere.  The private interior provides maximum comfort for guests.

comfortable rooms

Exclusive Amenities.  Some villas have their own swimming pool affording privacy and solace for their upscale clientele.

villas with pool

Enjoyable Amenities.  Children can enjoy water slides and water parks in a safe environment.  The pool and pool deck, divided into four levels, have a total area of 2,500 square meters.


Impressive Amenities.  Impressive top of the mountain infinity pool with a panoramic view of the mountain landscape.  The top of the mountain restaurant has a viewing deck next to the pool that offers a very refreshing view of the sea and night sky.

mountain infinity pool

Functional Amenities.  Destination weddings can be done at the wedding garden close to Mother Nature.

garden wedding venue

Private villas with either pool or jacuzzi.  The slope design and the luxurious use of space allow you to enjoy unobstructed panoramic views in total privacy.  The 700 square meter function room can be used for events, conferences, or seminars.

shizuka compostela

Health buffs will revel in the spa and gym facilities.

gym and spa

There are several cafes and bars on site.  The poolside cave bar offers a relaxed atmosphere for adults.

cave bars

An exciting “real online casino” awaits all the fun elements.  Online casinos are easy for beginners to enjoy.

real time casino

A speedboat can whisk the visitors away on a tour of the coastline and nearby islets.


The Italian restaurant on top of the hill serves the best of European favorites to its appreciative diners.

italian restaurant


  • SHIZUKA is a mountain resort hotel facility that will be operated by an expert hotel operator.
  • Sold separately in two Phases.
  • Target construction period: 3 years (Phase 1 and 2 combined)
  • In consideration of sales and real estate market prices, prices may increase during the course of the selling period.
  • Purchase price includes all furniture and appliances.
  • The land is owned by the construction company subject to a long-term lease of 50 years.  The lessor will own the villa constructed on the land.
  • Hotel operating revenue is distributed to unit buyers quarterly.
  • 14 days free accommodation vouchers will be distributed to buyers once a year.  Free accommodation is limited to units at the same level and type as the purchased unit. If you wish to stay on higher premium units than the purchased unit, you can use two vouchers per night or pay a premium fee to be determined by the hotel operator.  If you wish to stay on a lower grade a unit than the purchased unit, this is still equivalent to 1 voucher per night.
  • Restaurant management within the facility will be outsourced to an external company.
  • Hotel operations will also be outsourced to an external management company.
  • Revenue to unit owners will only include hotel villa accommodations and will not include other income like restaurant proceeds, etc.
Private Villa, 2 Bedroom, 1 Level with pool, total floor area is 241.12 square meters.

2 bedroom private villas

2-Bedroom Private Villa with private Pool, 2 levels, total floor area is 237 square meter, price is P34.6 Mil 

2 bedroom private villa

2-Bedroom Private Villa with Jacuzzi, 2 level, with floor area of 175.16 square meter, and price of PhP34Mil.

private villa with jacuzzi

1-Bedroom Private Villa with Pool, 1 level, total floor area is 141.43 square meter, price range is P20 Mil to P24 Mil.

1 bedroom villa with pool

1-Bedroom Private Villa with Jacuzzi, 1 level, total floor area is 104.05 square meter, price range is P20.8 Mil

1 bedroom with jacuzzi

Cluster Villa, King Bed (52.03 sqm, with price ranges from P8.8Mil to P9Mil); and Queen Bed (59.13 sqm, with price ranges from P10Mil to P10.2Mil); 

cluster villa

cluster villa

NOTE:  Real Estate property value is appreciating everyday, above prices will increase without prior notice.  Thus, if you want to invest in this property, better to RESERVE NOW!


  1. The following reservation fees will apply:
    • Cluster Villa – PhP50,000.00
    • 1 Bedroom – PhP75,000.00
    • 2 Bedroom – P100,000.00
  2. Spot Cash with 10% discount on the spot cash payment.  Spot cash payment is 100% of the price minus the retention fee of PhP100,000.00 payable within one month from reservation date.
  3. 50% spot downpayment with 5% discount on the down payment payable one month after reservation date, balance of 50% payable in 24 equal monthlies without interest.
  4. 20% spot downpayment without discount payable one month after reservation date, 80% balance payable in 24 equal monthlies without interest.
  5. 10% spot downpayment without discount payable one month after reservation date, 10% spread in 12 months without interest, and the remaining 80% balance payable in 48 months with 10%interest per annum.


  1. Common Use Service area dues will be paid by the unit owner monthly and will be deductible from the Rental Pool Income.
  2. The villa owners will have to pay a separate joining fee of PhP400,000.00 prior to the start of the hotel operations which will include the initial working capital to start up the hotel operations.  The joining fee can be passed on by the unit owner upon a re-sale of the unit to another buyer.
  3. Withholding Tax on Rental Income.  About 10%of gross revenue will be deducted from the distributable income as Creditable Withholding Tax.
  4. Major repairs and maintenance costs are reserved from hotel operations income, to there is no additional burden on the owner on these cost.

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Property Address: Compostela, Cebu
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